How to play

The object of each game is to find cards (Qwizzles) with matching statements.

The Qwizzles will generate a bigger shape, such as a diamond or hexagon when they are all matched together correctly.

Every game is different. The Qwizzles contain a combination of words, numbers, equations or objects, depending on the puzzle type and level.

You can choose to inform learners of the finished puzzle shape, or not, giving that added element of challenge and fun.

The puzzles can be completed by individuals or small groups of learners, encouraging collaborative learning.

How to play using the game board

The object of the game is to complete the puzzle by correctly pairing matching statements

How to play without the game board

Our puzzles can be used to aid pre-learning, during learning or post learning in order to promote knowledge retention.

All puzzles include Quick Response codes (QR’s) so children can check their own work. This will promote active learning and expand the experience.

Helps learners identify and comprehend gaps in their knowledge.

Provides teachers, parents and learners with valuable feedback.

Produces better organisation of knowledge.